Welcome to Aer0school (spelled with a 'zero'). Read on to discover the richness of engineering principles and how younger and younger children can engage with these through exciting and practical activities. We work from 9 to 19 years old and adults too.

We have our own unique range of educational aircraft that strategically tell the story of flight and teach how to make things fly.

You can come to us in Northamptonshire physically or joint one of our online groups. We can come to you to deliver activity courses or even regular weekly activities with meets at our venue or at national air bases. 

We use online learning to save the environment and can provide you with all software and video resources. We can even post your laser cut designs to you!

You can even purchase our unique educational kits and projects for your child, HE group, youth club, air cadets or scout group by joining our e-aer0school.

So please read on and get excited about what you, your child/children could achieve through our unique independent learning resource.