Aer0school News

Aer0camp is here to stay!

We are planning the next one for this particular group to include power trains and control systems. Sign up for Aer0camp info or enquire if we can come to your school or village hall with our amazing Aer0bus! We are planning Aero0camps at our base in Northants, the BMFA centre in Rutland and in Suffolk. Follow us on FB for news.

Discovery Zones at Shuttleworth

We now attend Shuttleworth airshows regularly with our interactive educational resources such as working wind tunnel;  Radio control buggy challenge, 8 channel Sea Fury rc simulator;  bomb drop challenge; start the engine and Aer0pack Challenge gliders made from reused toilet paper packaging.


Discovery Zone Aer0school Competitions

We have our unique kits for sale online for assembly prior to the next event. This is far easier than trying to make 30 or 40 gliders at the show as well as demonstrate our facilities. So if you know you are coming and want to compete then we'll post kits out to you for assembly beforehand.


Our kits retail for £5 plus £5 PnP (£10 total to Uk mainland) and use ecological materials where ever possible. Instruction videos are free to view and making is made as simple and safe as possible typically for 9+ unless specified.

Aer0school Challenge 2021/22 

Join us as we work both online and face to face with our laser cutter to enter national flight based competitions.


We run after school clubs with monthly meetups and weekly Home Education sessions. This is a thrilling programme of deep engineering principles that tends to suit kinasthetic and independent learning, Ideal for budding engineers inventors designers. Our teams are typically attended by children with critical thinking skills who love to learn by trial and error!