Voyager - Extended Provision Small Groups

This provision is for those who have mastered the basics and are motivated to do some serious development work on an idea or project. Typical candidates are those who would for other reasons not normally be able to access this level of challenge in school or HE due to difficulties socially or with the school environment.Through these projects you can achieve Silver and Gold CREST awards which will help develop presentation and communication skills.  It provides those with SEND a purpose for which to develop strategies for accounting for their thinking by using aids like dictation software and video footage. We can provide industrial links and resources so the sky is the limit!  Here are a few examples of past work:

Aer0nauts BMFA Distance Challenge

This annual national competition is a great opportunity to build and test an aeroplane that must carry an awkward weight for a distance.  Our Aer0nauts teams of 11-16 year old students have developed over four years and have won awards at all of them. The distance challenge is typically taken up by schools which gives an idea of the appropriate level. However, our Aer0nauts curriculum goes well beyond GCSE in terms of rigour and practical application for engineering careers.

Aer0nauts BMFA Quantity Challenge

Our team won this in 2019 against 17 university teams. This is largely because of the time our teams could spend testing and developing ideas.

Our 19 and 20 year old students achieved GOLD CREST award despite barriers to learning such as ASC and Dyslexia.

Grabbed Frame 12.jpg

Air Duct Inspection Camera (Independent)

This project involved working with a local air conditioning company in researching, designing. building and testing a remotely controlled vehicle to carry a camera on an umbilical.

The 17 year old student exhibited ASC characteristics and has Dyslexia. He worked with the company director independently in the development of the circuitry and the testing of the product. We know that there is currently a shortage of engineers with practical skills in UK industry. This student was offered a place on an engineering course that he would not have been able to access without T&S provision.

Prototype Modelling (Independent)

This 16 yr old student was unable to access mainstream education for health reasons. His hobby was making models and he quickly mastered the technique of designing and making using the Laser Cutter. Two cars were designed from pictures of cars and the student sliced the designs in his imagination of what they looked like inside. The task of finishing was long and meticulously detailed - precisely his skill set. We know that there is a shortage of car sculptors in the transport design industry.