Flight Path

Typically children would come to us for 1:1 sessions to establish needs and establish relationships.

These can take the form of set 'Launchpad' activities that deliver some key skills that facilitate independent learning and confidence in a team setting.

Families can visit for a day session for the same purpose.

We offer camping on our site for day or weekend courses

Once relationships are established we can form 'Orbit activity' groups of children who want to achieve a common goal or explore a bit more 1:1 through a special project. This suits Home Education as costs can be shared equitably and children can learn in teams.

Our basic Aer0nauts course takes children from the basics of making chuck gliders to designing and flying their own radio controlled planes.

Our Explorer groups enter competitions such as the BMFA challenges. All of our content supports CREST awards. This is very independent learning and would suit 14+. This has the advantage of being less reliant on tutoring thus saving costs.

Aer0nauts BMFA Distance Challenge

This annual national competition is a great opportunity to build and test an aeroplane that must carry an awkward weight for a distance.  Our Aer0nauts teams of 11-16 year old students have developed over four years and have won awards at all of them. The distance challenge is typically taken up by schools which gives an idea of the appropriate level. However, our Aer0nauts curriculum goes well beyond GCSE in terms of rigour and practical application for engineering careers.

Aer0nauts BMFA Quantity Challenge

Our team won this in 2019 against 17 university teams. This is largely because of the time our teams could spend testing and developing ideas.

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